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Col de Turini - Sprint en descente Delta Daily Achievement not working

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    Over the last month or so I've been coming back from Dirt Rally 2.0 to Dirt Rally to try & get the Delta Daily achievements, I've done maybe 10 max in that time with 3 or 4 beaten but I never get an achievement, 

Until now I presumed there wasn't one for those specific courses but last night I did yesterdays daily delta event at Col de Turini - Sprint en descente & after beating the delta time I looked it up in the Steam Achievements list & there is one,

As it never gave the achievement last night I presumed it would give me the achievement this morning when the daily events update but it didn't so it brings in to question whether I've not been getting others I should of as well so can someone at Codemasters help with this please? I get the older ones can't be done as I don't even remember which they were but here's yesterdays result.  

I don't know what's broken exactly but can this be fixed so future Delta Daily achievements are given please, Cheers. 


Beat the Delta Time at a Single Event at Col de Turini - Sprint en descente..png

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