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Can you create teams in leagues using multiplayer cars?

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As the topic states...

If you use the multiplayer cars in a league, can you create teams?

My concern is that there are only 10 pit boxes right? Without the ability to "team up" how do you know with whom you are sharing a pit box? Imagine fighting for the lead, following the leader into the pits only to find you have to stack behind him?

Or is there some other way to get around this? I have seen this in ranked races often, pitting in not knowing you are following the car you share a box with... 

This would make public leagues and multiplayer cars in private leagues pretty useless no? 

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Only way I see how you could do it, would be to test in FP, see what pit box you go to, also who else goes to the same one,

Sorry I know its not the answer your looking for, but I dont think its possible.

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