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[PC] F1 2018 and 2019 freezes with FFB enabled


I have had this problem since F1 2018 release and it still happens in F1 2019. So when I enable Force Feedback in the menu I start getting game freezes that last around 5 seconds. Audio hangs in the same 'frame' it freezes at and the same happens to the Force Feedback and the screen of course. What I have seen while following my CPU and GPU usage is that they just go to 0% and then go back to normal. It also seems a bit random when it happens as sometimes I could run 10 laps with no issue but then it could happen twice in a lap and I don't feel like it happens in certain situations. 

In 2018 I think I tried pretty much every possible setting in the options and only setting I didn't have any issue with was having force feedback disabled. In 2019 I haven't tried everything possible but it seems obvious getting it fixed is out of my control.


My controllers/hardware(usually with the latest firmware/drivers):

Simucube 1 with 40k encoder

Ascher Racing button plate (also happens when disconnected)

Logitech G25 Pedals with the Bodnar cable 

Windows 10 Pro

I7 4770K, 1080ti, 16 gigs of ram

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