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More informative per-stage standings for online events

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When I finish a stage of a weekly or monthly online event, there are couple of things I want to know:

  • How well am I doing overall (e.g. am I in the top third? top 10%?)
  • How well did I do in that stage (e.g. did I move up or down in the standings? by how much?)

Currently it's hard to get precise answers to those questions. I know my current numeric ranking, and I can get a rough idea of how I'm doing overall by looking at the indicator on the scroll bar. But to know precisely whether or not I'm in the top 10% requires me to know how many players are on the list, and it takes a long time to scroll all the way down to the bottom. In DR1 I could jump to top and then press "up" to immediately wrap around to the bottom to see how many ranking entries there were, but in DR2 the leaderboards don't wrap around. To tell how well I did in the last stage, I have to remember my previous numeric ranking and then see how it changes from one stage to the next. But just because my ranking number went down doesn't necessarily mean I passed a bunch of other players; maybe a lot of players ahead of me just haven't completed the last stage yet.

Here are a few simple features that would make stage-end leaderboards nicer for multi-stage online events:

  • Make the leaderboards wrap around, so I can select "go to top" and press "up" to quickly see how many entries there are.
  • Make separate tabs for just-this-stage standings and event-so-far standings, just like we have for career mode events.
  • Add numeric indicators (e.g. in upward- or downward-pointing red or green triangles) to tell us how much our rankings have changed since the previous stage. For maximum usefulness, this number should only report the number of players we've passed or were passed by; it should not consider those players who have completed the previous stage but not yet completed the current one.

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absolutely. this is great. and (theoretically) so simple.

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