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AMS97KRR said:
mike96 said:
mike96 said:
Hey @Tylerrnty1 remember Karthikeyan used to drive in F1 as well :P
Don't you dis my Narain!
Hey, remember I was the one who made that thread at PF1... :P

EDIT: Amazing, it's still there  
=)) =))
Did they seriously ban you for posting for that?
Actually there were a few more of these threads... 
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My Qualifying review:

Hamilton: not bad, standard pole
Rosberg: angryish
Ricciardo: smiling
Bottas: so good
Grosjean: punching above his weight
Raikkonen: not sleeping
Alonso: lower than I thought
Button: q3
Vettel: lol
Hulkenberg: not quite there
Perez: lente
Kvyat: good job
Guiterrez: meh
Magnussen: disappointing
Vergne: penalised
Sutil: boring and slow  Lucky he has a gorgeous g/f to go home to.
Chilton: actually beat his team mate
Bianchi: actually beaten by his team mate
Ericsson: alright
Kobayashi: not great
Maldonado: megalol
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Some of you seem to be falling back into old habits and I'm not having it on the new forums, if you are unsure of how to behave on the boards then take a read of the Forum Rules

Disagreeing with people is fine, but bullying other members, trolling, bad language or abuse towards another member of any kind won't be tolerated.
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