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Ai difficulty , STRUGGLING !!

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Hello all !!

im struggling with the ai difficulty ! I’m using a controller and with Alfa. Running around 77 difficulty. My issue is some races I finish 12th-15th which I think is alright but some races I’m finishing 4th with a massive gap between 3rd ( +8.00 ) and 5th ( -9.00 ) then on the races I’m finishing mid table the cars in front are miles ahead like ( +20.00 ) I can’t keep up on straights but then destroying them in the corners, I’ve tried higher difficulty 80+ but then I can’t live with anyone and coming dead last every session and race..... can anybody help me please !!

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Test to see  what % you need, then make a note of your AI% per circuit that suits you, then when your at that circuit youll have the correct AI, its a pain I know, but it is what it is.

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