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Help redo my DiRT3 watermark

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Watermark is not supported by Codemaster.  Watermark is for personal use
Personalized watermark by KGIXXER7 years ago, but want to reinstall again, but the PSSG file got corrupted.
Please, help me get a working pssg file for the frontend folder

advance thank
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What am I doing wrong here?

-- so I gave GIMP w/ dds plug in a try.  took my watermark LEDANEK. png file...export to rename it dirt3_logo2.tga.

went to RYDER.PSSG Tool to import the dirt3_logo2 to the b_osdDirt3.pssg.
replaced the b_osdDirt3.pssg and then restart pc
played DiRT3 and the original watermark is still there?

what am I doing wrong here?

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I don't understand any of that stuff except where you've tried using Gimp.  Have you given 'paint.net' a go?.  Its free and also supports dds.  Sorry I can't be of more help.
@0:29 timeline...it's asking for so many options on how to save it.  I don't know that part. I'll give paint.net a try. thanks
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