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Does anyone at Codemasters a list of team vs tire wear?

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I would say CM probably do as they have to calibrate it all into their games as for he order I'm not too sure Based on my observations I'd say as fast as they are atm Mercedes do seem to struggle a little bit in this area. I would say Lotus and maybe Sauber aer probably 2 of the better ones given they do seem to be able to pull off longer stints when their cars aren't breaking down that is which seems to be happening a fair bit the last 2 years
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It depends on driving style as each car has different characteristics. I personally find the best two teams for tyre wear are Red Bull and Mclaren as they seem to understeer a bit more than others in the game which I prefer. Whereas I can't really do anything with the Lotus or Force India as they seem to spin the wheels too much.
In the first race of career in a Lotus I struggle to get anymore than 17 laps out of the options and have to make it a two stop race whereas in a Mclaren I could happily do 25 laps with reasonable pace and make it a one stop race if I wanted to. Some players might find it the other way around depending on their preferences.
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I Play only in Grand Prix Mode and 50% race lenght. Most I drive as Kimi in the Ferrari.

In the race strategy option before the race you can see how many laps you can drive on option tires and prime tires.

Here some dates from the Austrian GP on 50% race lenght:

Race Lenght 36 laps

Ferrari: options - 7 laps, prime - 11 laps

Williams: options - 7 laps, prime - 10 laps

Mercedes: options - 8 laps, prime - 12 laps

When I drive careful with one set of tires, I can drive one more lap. Because in a 2 stop race the Ferrari needs option - prime - prime. So I can use option - option - prime, like Mercedes and Red Bull.

Williams use there most a 3 stop strategy!

Force India use sometimes only a 1 stop strategy, so they have a good tire wear.

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I wouldn't be too surprised if Mercedes are the average in terms of tire life, but it's more than likely that it's down to personal preference. I agree that Williams have the worst tire wear and Ferrari's isn't too great either although that might change for F1 2015 if Malaysia's anything to go by! Lotus and Sauber are normally good on their tires in the previous F1 games but I haven't tried them on F1 2014 so I can't say if it's the same. All I can say is try different settings on the cars and see if it makes a difference on the tire life, it's probably different for different people so maybe there's a lot of variety. :smile: 

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