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F1 2019 - setting brake linearity (T3PA Pro)

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Hi All, 

I was hoping someone could give some recommended settings for the TM T3PA Pro pedals (w/ conical mod). I can't seem to find a good setting in this game as I lock up way too often (especially compared to more "simmy" games like Assetto Corsa). I've tried 0%, 100%, and everything in-between- what are you guys using for brake linearity? All other settings (saturation, etc.) are set to 0, by the way. 

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I have it only with 5% deadzone. If a leave deadzone on 0% it says I'm applying 2/3% brake while I'm not pressing it. This only happens on F1 2019

Apart from that, it's harder to avoid lockups on this game. Try to move bias rearwards (56%/54%).


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I run same setup as you OP - T3PA pro with conical mod.


It is harder not to lock brakes this year, but i always thought it was too easy before so i think they’re going the right direction.


I’ve found using a little linearity - currently I have it set at 10 - helps me to have more control at low braking pressures e.g. easier to finesse the input when easing off the pressure to trail brake.


I did the same with throttle linearity too (got this set at 50 - which sounds really high but actually only makes a small difference) to give me a wider range of movement on the pedal before getting close to full throttle.


Just have a play with it in the calibration screen, you can see the effect of the adjustments you make on the % indicators as you depress each pedal.

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0 with 1% dead zone. I want as much of the brake pedal to be useful as possible. Same on Assetto, PCars, Dirt etc. 

For threshold braking, hit them hard on initial braking..hopefully just short of locking, and then progressively trail them off rather than just mashing the pedal. Same for all cars, except maybe in the rain. 

For throttle, I go back and forth between 15 linearity and 0. 

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