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My Career Mode Summery: Season 2

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Disclaimer: These races are all done in 25% race distance, plus this is a discussion on everyone's SEASON 2 ONLY.

Welcome back, and wow my Season 2 is pretty interesting to say the least and got a lot to tell. Last season I started with Toro Rosso but after seeing I scored all of the team's points thanks to Albon being last all the time, I left and decided to join Williams. And at the start of the season there's a lot of Driver changes.


Weber already moved teams shortly after joining Williams so me joining ended up replacing him to partner Russell, while McLaren let go Butler (LOL) due to his poor performance in Season 1, Magnussen has joined the team along with Perez who has been replaced by Sainz which left Giovinazzi to take my seat at Toro Rosso to partner Albon. An interesting change which you'll see in a bit especially McLaren.

In terms of R&D, this is a wild mix up, Ferrari at the start of the season are still dominant but after 1/3 of the season Renault & McLaren drastically caught up with them and overtook them which led them to battling each other for Top Team, Red Bull were slowly dropping to the midfield and had to battle Alfa Romeo to stay ahead and the biggest loser of the season is Mercedes, they didn't take the fight to Ferrari and instead near the bottom of the grid, Racing Point sadly got no luck, they're mostly at the bottom which lead them to have a hard time getting points.



In terms of the Championship, Vettel once again win in dominant fashion with Leclerc not taking a response but still won the Constructors without a fight, but the rest behind it's interesting, with Renault and McLaren top of the R&D chart, they caught up with Red Bull and Merc to where they are battling for 2nd in the Constructors in the last 7 races which was very close since Renault mostly kept their drivers in front while McLaren sometimes race by race one of the 2 either retired or fallen down the field but in the end Perez and Hulkenberg finished ahead of Hamilton with Ricciardo and Magnessun not far behind, I finished 11th in the standings again but with lot more points and even scoring my first win in Singapore in the Rain since everyone pitted and I stayed out waiting for the rain to come which worked out well in my favour, and towards the last 7 races, Toro Rosso were climbing like mad and snatched a lot of points to secure 8th ahead of Haas and Racing Point.



Here's the Result list of every race this season with lot of different winners and podium finishers with Kvyat getting a podium to Weber getting 2nd in the 2nd worst car of Season 2, Ricciardo scored 5 2nd places in the final 5 races and Bottas struggles to stay in the Top 10 yet Hamilton is fine scoring points despite his team's R&D is low. Perez, Magnessun, Hulkenberg, Ricciardo



And that's everything happened in my Season 2 Career, Grosjean and Sainz are the only ones who hadn't scored so that really surprised me and yet Stroll scored 1 point in Singapore since that was a dry-wet race and lot of unexpected results, and there's actually no mid season driver changes so lucky me.

What's your Season 2 like, let me know below, onward to Season 3 since that Patch is dropping with Performance change and the game going faster than ever.

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Codies really need to do something about this. A bit of R&D and a few driver changes are one thing, but fundamentally changing the order so quickly and radically just makes no sense

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Exactly I think 2018 was okay for development just needed abit more variance in development. This is crazy town completly unrealistic in a not so fun way.

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