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Spectator mode while you want to join an online lobby

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Hi guys,

I have looked for an existing topic but could not find it.

I find it really annoying that whenever I want to join a multiplayer session, that I am being put into spectator mode only. 

I completely understand this for when a race is allready started obviously, but why can't people just join a little later for practise or qualifying sessions?

1. Is this broken or am I missing anything?

2. Does anyone know if this applies to a league as well? I am scared of adding a practise session to an online league. The intention is that people can meet up earlier if they like but i don't want that it prevents other people from being completely excluded from the race.

Best regards,


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Can someone please reply? Point being the nummer 2 question. I want to get together with my friends during practise sessions. Without others missing the race because of it.

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