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Option to Remove Opaque Sunshade Strip on Windscreen

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Hi, a simple one to implement, but worth it for the immersion: An option in 'preferences' to remove the opaque strip at the top of the windscreen on most cars. One of the reasons the vintage cars seem more fun is the windscreen is 'open' and you can see the skies and mountains. Some of the views from inside the cars are so restrictive thanks to that strip. Which is fine in real life, but in the game the glare from the sun etc is not really an issue.

NB This suggestion is especially worthwhile because dash-cam has been removed from the game.

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It would be nice. If they won't allow the option to remove them, they should at least make them semi-transparent like many real sun shades.

I don't know how accurate it all is to reality, though. Do the real life counter-parts with those fully opaque things taking up a good chunk of the windscreen run with them even during night stages? It's like looking through a cereal box in some of the cars. If they're permanent fixtures then they must and I see why the game has them that way, but that seems strange to me.

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