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18 Race Season before F1 2015!!!

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Hey guys. Over at F1XL (Xbox Leagues) we are starting a new season this weekend to bridge the gap before F1 2015 which we cant wait for! If you are interested in joining for Season 6.5 :P or for season 7 which will be on next gen then head over to http://f1xl.co.uk/home

The format of the new season is the following.
Sunday 10pm (British time)
2 races - 25% races per night
One shot qualifying for both
Possibility of 50 points per night
No ASR (All Star Race) and 9 weeks straight through.
Russia Dropped from Calendar due to issues with corner cutting in season 6.

In season 7 we will be going back to our original format of 50% races. If your interested then we'll hopefully see you over on the site!

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