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codemasters does not understand anything!

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not only have to improve the physics, or put an artificial alcoholic intelligence to devote 90% of the race to avoid absurd accidents. what you have done with the performance of the cars and with the changes of drivers and teams, is a real nonsense and meaningless. a real ridiculous

Norris, with McLaren, in the second year, is able to win in France. I change from alfa romeo to renault, and that change causes that norris, to win races with mc laren, descend to alfa romeo in my place.
ridiculous .... 7 team changes in race 8 of a world championship ... ferrari the 7th team, williams ravaging, haas the first ... more ridiculous ... hamilton in toro rosso .... lol .. ..

you have not understood anything ... you have taken away all the magic of the game and the trajectory. you do not have a middle term for anything.

we incorporate safty car, we have safty car every race ... we incorporate changes of pilots, and we make the ridiculous and spoil the experience.

In all these years, you have not learned anything from what your clients want.

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