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An update, the multiplayer car needs (i.m.o.)

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To be honest the multiplayer car was one of those new features I've been looking forward to in F1 2019, especially because of league racing. However I feel, that the multiplayer car needs an update, because more and more leagues are turning away from it, despite they had huge plans with doing a season with custom teams. And I think it is because it doesn't have as much features, that some players wanted. So here is an idea, that might make online leagues and players to use the multiplayer cars more often.

Team up option: This is the option, that multiplayer cars needs the most, especially when you're doing a league race or play with a friend. At the moment the game puts you into a random person, and to be fair it can be quite annoying, when you come into the pits with a person, and that person is your teammate, and therefore your pitstop last for half a minute, and your podium chances are gone immediately.

How would this feature work?:

Option 1: When you are in the lobby, you click to a person, and the following would pop up: Send team request  or something like that. The player would have an option to either accept or reject the request for 30 seconds. And if the person accepts your request, you'd make a team, for example: Team A. This would make you and your teammate/friend, to get the same pit box, instead of getting a random person. If the season starts, but you don't team up with somebody, then you get a random teammate.

Here's how it would look like:

Username           Team

Guy 1                      A

Guy 2                      A

Guy 3                      B

Guy 4                      C

Guy 5                      C

Guy 6                      B

Guy 7                     -

Guy 8                     -

Guy 9                     -


Option 2: There would be teams from A to J, but the method would be the same, like in the OFFICIAL F1 2019 cars.

How it would look like:

  • Team A (0/2) --> nobody is in this team
  • Team B (2/2) --> this team is full
  • Team C (1/2) --> there is 1 player in this team
  • Team D (2/2)
  • Team E (0/2)
  • Team F (0/2)
  • Team G (2/2)
  • Team H (1/2)
  • Team I (1/2)
  • Team J (2/2)



Overall this is how I imagine the update. If you have any comments, agreements, disagreements, feel free to share it in the comments below.





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This is a very good idea, and I would also add that there should be a way for teammates to match livery (i.e. a lobby option for all second drivers to have the same livery as the first driver). And the primary livery colour from the car should show on the track map and position indicator instead of grey.

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