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Dirt3 executable has stopped working (Steam - windows 7)

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Tried various things such as installing the most up to date oalinst file, graphics card drivers, changing compatibility, Verify Integrity of game cache on steam, tried to force -dx9 on startup options too to no avail.

Can't think of any other options. Desperately don't want to give up on this gem. Been playing Dirt and Grid for years, now.

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Been a fan of Codemasters since the Treasure Island Dizzy days on my Amstrad CPC 464. Then followed them with the Micro Machines and TOCA series and absolutely loved Operation Flashpoint.

Can't believe that they have now abandoned genuine fans. Or even attempt at acknowledging concerns.
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I think there has been some sort of update either windows or Steam that has caused this. I say that because everything has been working up until a few weks ago now Dirt will start and when loading to race it crashes and D3 wont run at all.  Some games work others do not, The  lack of support by all of these companies is really abusive to their fans....their money paying fans and CUSTOMERS!  
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- Installed CCleaner to clean out the registry. No luck.
- Installed Malwarebytes Anti Malware. All malware removed safely. No luck.
- Upgraded to a GTX 760 (about time) and 8Gb DDR2/800. Updated graphics drivers. No luck.
- Installed Driver Booster to find any necessary driver updates. Everything now up-to-date. No luck.
- Again verified cache. No luck.

What suggestions, Codemasters?
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