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Feedback and ideas for F1 2020

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I think it would be nice to see some features like:

  • Practice mode with all kind of options like equal car performance and the E-Sports car
  • Ability to practice racestarts
  • Quick pitstop in qualy when having enough fuel for another lap
  • Assign separate buttons for ERS, Fuel mix, Diff and or brake balance without opening the menu of the OSD screen
  • More realistic ERS (Ability to make maps for race and qualifying for example)

Other possible improvements can be adjustments to FFB (For more realistic and precise steering/driving) also in my opinion the cars in F1 2019 are having to much understeer. F1 cars should be more pointy with steering.

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I'm just gonna leave this here too since I won't get any answers from Codies in the thread I've opened.

If you don't want to release the language file allowing us to modify the drivers names and since you don't want to update the drivers performances, why not release a little tool with the game like football manager used to be (or maybe still is I don't know) where us players will be able to edit drivers names and nationality,qualy skills,race skills,how aggressive in defense or if attacking, how good on tyre management etc?

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More scanned tracks.

I know Paul Ricard is scanned in some way. As SMS has come on, they have/had a scan of the Red Bull Ring and COTA off the top of my head for PCARS2. 

Keep the 2018 and 2019 F2 seasons in F1 2020.

Since the car won't change, you'd already have the assets for them and the driver models. 

Add Formula 3

F3 has been awesome this season and it would be great and adds a new career dynamic. Macau would be ideal as that would be a cup event at the end of the season. 

Expand Career Mode

This links to keeping the former F2 seasons and F3. I'd like it if you started two seasons before the current season. E.g. In 2018 for F1 2020 where you drive in GP3 if you can get that sorted which would probably be a nightmare. Though this idea would be easier for F1 2021 where you start in the 2019 F3 season, progress into 2020 F2 before F1 in 2020. Maybe with the story of the real-life seasons playing through in the menus. 

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On 16 October 2019 at 7:51 PM, LILLHELM said:

laser scanned tracks

many more benefits when people drive without driving aids

even better engine sound

Just fix this game instead of trying to add more stuff ,

with every new patch it kills the game a little more,

i truly believe the devs don't have a clue of what they are doing,

seriously they didn't even have anyone with a wheel to test this game until 6 or 7 weeks ago,

if they fix this game f12019 or atleast revert back to the only Decent patch 1.03 ,  i will eat there socks ok

for those who had Senna vs Prost early access edition ,only they will know the difference from day one release to now,

this applies to wheel users and pad vs wheel was equal.

the game was a masterpiece, 

they have no intentions of fixing this game,. It was released early into the real F1 season so we could have monthly performance and livery updates,

as I say I am not being negative or positive, just  giving a true insight on the damage that codemasters have done to core game just to attract and get more money,

if you are a wheel user then codemasters don't care and that's a fact , as proof is in the pudding,

pit reminds me of the madhatters tea party,

theyve had months and months to fix this games bugs ,

well have they , you all know that truthful answer,

,let's get ready for f12020 , same day one release promises then few months down the line , another broken f1 game,

guess what ,f12021 , early release and same story,

sorry codemasters but you have done nothing to fix f12019 ,just made more bugs and made it worse with each update.

,I made a post on dayone release of this game f12019 , I posted please please don't change anything as its a masterpiece,

only thing that needed tweaking was ffb in the rain as it was too light,

THE REST IS HISTORY.   Have a great Christmas holidays everyone ❤️ 🏁 🏎 🚥

Edited by senna94f1
Last chance saloon for broken f12019
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Here some simple thing that need adding. These pictures are from a old game made in 2017.

These types off information would improve the game & driver.

But to do so we need a actually video/telemetry built in replay system.

Also the possibility to change tyres in the pit lane even when parked up & yes just like in real life a small delay because of this. 

We should be able to use full access to the wheel we have.

I.e my F1 add-on when used on PC have 29 function but yet in the PS4 version has 17. We should be able to get 26/25.

You may say it's due to the PS4 but I remember when we had two buttons press to = extra items.

∆+×=super kick . 


Remember this game was made in 2017 & still played to day.

So it's about time we have a base game that can last more than 1 year minimum.

If the problem is due to size off application, you have to options.

1st option.

Makeless offline modes focus on improving the game look feel telemetry video replay wheel  improve online everything in general improve features I could go on.

2nd option.

Make two games

1 based on the modes you have now with improved online features.

1 base with improved online with full telemetry & video with little offline like GP & Full career starting with F2 or Karting.

Just an idea.









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Give us 1986 turbo beasts...it's turbo era again, why we have only mp4/4...where's lotus 98t? Brabham bt 55, williams fw 11, where the hell is benetton b186?????

And get a speed data for all classic cars...speeds of those we have are too low...every one of them was faster in straight line...or better option are gear ratios, give them back...

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Allow players to integrate cars/carsets from users in their careers.  

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I think It would be a great idea to add more classic cars. For example Turbo Cars from the 80's or more Cars from early 90's such as Benetton, Jordan. Add some Classic tracks such as brands Hatch. 

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Classic track and modern ones to

Classic: Imola, Brands hatch, Old Hockenheim pre 2002, Fuji Speedway, Adliede, Donington Park  

Modern Indy F1 layout, South Korea F1 2010, Istanbul Park, India circuit, Nurburging as used in F1 2009       

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Please make VR support, waiting so long for that and many other games have it but not at the best Racing game it is so sad :(

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.. sorry for the translation

F1 2020 improvements to be made in my opinion:

- More diversified and punctual radio communications and comments,
  some vocal interventions from the pits are out of place
- Accidents at the start, on the test, in qualifying and during the race

- RED FLAG for a serious accident on the track during tests
  and qualifications

- visible tire degradation: blistering, graining etc.

- View inside the helmet and the possibility of eliminating the steering wheel from the inside view (TOTALLY ELIMINATE)

- Various, diversified and frequent car damage, with possible withdrawal from the race (random failure option ON / OFF)
  (mechanical, electrical faults etc. etc. etc.)

- Personalized helmets with stickers, shapes and textures / textures to make it from scratch as you wish.

- Manual ON / OFF grid positioning guide

- Manual guidance of the entire pitstop path ON / OFF

- Marshals that come out and clean up the debris instead of disappearing
  (speech also valid for damaged cars off the track)

- A complete lap at the end of the race with radio from the pits for the result obtained and driving in the closed park (MANUAL)

- Add telemetry

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I would like to see a realistic/Hardcore mode where you don't get guaranteed a seat whenever you pick at the start. You choose say 3 teams you have a preference for and then undertake a series of trials in relevant 2018 cars. As you progress in the trials you get points, and after reaching certain milestones each team offers you a seat with various incentives. To race for a top team you would have to get much further in the trials. At any stage you could quit the trials and take an offer or continue to earn more points to initiate a bidding 'war' between the teams for your services. A low team might offer you more input in the car development cycle, choice of being #1 driver, plus any perks available they can offer such as leniency in your interview responses. The contract might be for 2 or 3 years whatever your performanc.  A high end team might say OK you get to be #2 driver, you do as we say and follow the company line in interviews. Plus the contract may only be for one season depending on results but could be terminated earlier after poor results. If you performed exceptionally well in trials the top teams that were not in your original selection may join in the negotiations and offer you a prime seat as well as carte Blanche to develop the car as you wish.

These trials could take the form of the current super license, requiring you to pass before you can take part as a regular team driver. Obviously these trials would have to be fun as well as challenging, becoming a mini game by themselves in such a way even beginner drivers would be tempted to give them a go with obviously easier challenges. The challenges themselves could follow the special event format that has already been a part of the game for a while now but would actually give the events meaning and rewards. Extra points would definitely be available for clean driving and passes so a clean third would be worth more than a dirty first for example.

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VR support, VR support, VR support, VR support.

It'll literally make the F1 games perfect on consoles. I'm so psyched every time I see VR racing on other PC sims. It would transform this game!

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Here is my list.  

1. Classic Monza with banking, Fuji Nurburg.ect.

2. Red flags with restarts.

3. A player designed fantasy track/street circuit(idea for contest?) One chosen every year. 

4. Better debris and damage this wing and tire stuff is old. At least rear wing damage.

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