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Feedback and ideas for F1 2020

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More Schumacher helmets even if they have to be unlocked through the pass thingy. 

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for controller settings please add controller damping and speed sensitivity.
if u are using controller, after turning it always instantly back to 0 (middle).

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Just get rid of F2.

It takes valuable space up and much better to use that resource for something else 

And big thanks for including league players and owner's in to the beta. 

.After all we keep the longevity of the game. 

Just including 3 cars in the  classic section yet taken more cars away i don't understand.

the career although a good addition will never keep the attention going.

Although happy with f12020. I am very happy I only paid £20 for the Schumacher edition 

The car everyone wants is the 1994 Williams.

Pad vs wheel. 

Pad is still quicker then wheel by over a second. 

And use that over a full race distance in league and that can be 1 and half laps..

We definitely need to sort car setup out as it doesn't make no real sense and only affect top speed on speed tracks  

The latest update has crashed base ps4 around 8 times just randomly and have been expecting another update. 

Before the latest update and remember i had the Schumacher early access edition on the 7th with.no game crashing.

The logs are automatically sent to Sony ps4 Europe with video via ps4 bug crash report section. 

So I will assume they are then sent to codemasters 

PS. I've tried to paste and report bugs but it won't work on my android phone or iPad or laptop. Maybe I am doing something wrong there 🤔 

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