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Calling all DiRT fans! What do you love about rally?

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I'm currently a little disillusioned with the British rally scene at the moment due to a number of issues, so I'll do my comments based on my feelings for the world rally championship. 

In my opinion it is the best form of 4 wheeled motorsport on Earth. The sheer speed these drivers attack corners, jumps, and river crossings, particularly on gravel surfaces, will always leave me astounded at how they do it. The spectacle of watching it live is absolutely second to none, and for me sometimes the best part is the atmosphere that rallying creates too.

 There's a always a real buzz in the air when waiting for the cars to arrive and everyone is usually very friendly and happy and the UK rallying scene is mostly one big family. When you're in the stages and you hear that first car coming the atmosphere becomes electric.

You've also got the unknown element in rallying, this means you never know how each driver is going to take the corner you're on, or if they'll make it round at all, and from a drivers perspective, whilst you may have the co-driver next to you describing the road ahead, you still may not know what kind of obstacles you may face The sounds, the atmosphere, the smells, the long walks through the forests to your designated spots is what makes the sport so special, I mean why else would I have gone to France/Monte Carlo/Sardinia last year and then Spain this year to watch the worlds best drivers in action if I didn't love it? I'm also hoping to do New Zealand and Sweden WRC events in 2016. 

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The way u build/ prepare your rally car for an event,..
You put in all these months a lot of time and money in that rally car, u created a team all petrol minded, not just a team, u created a special bond with the group of people, together u created an amazing car that will take u through this rally adventure! But not just a car, u trust these people when u drive over the 180 km/h over the small forest roads, everything is fit correctly together to get the best out of that (lion) car where u drive in!

But even more special is the bond inside the car, the close relation with your co-driver,..
Your team ( and perhaps yourself) created an amazing monster, that went through the safety scrutineering.
While you and your co-driver where out on the rallystages to do some recce, inspect every corner at the stage, creating together with your soul-mate ( read co-driver) the pacenotes where every corner detailed will be described.
The pacenotes are on paper, you are back at the service area, the car is ready, people are getting ready u chat with some rivals and other rallydrivers or team members about the stages, talking about tactics.., Then you go back to your team area,... talk with the lead mechanics about the tactics,.. full attack from the start? What kind of small adjustments? Tires? All tarmac or also gravel? Suddenly you hear the first engine sounds of WRC rallycar roaring to warm up the engines, you keep checking the weather forecast,... 65% change of rain,.....Your co-driver tells you to change clothes,... get your racing overall on and racing face,... 30 minutes left,... you are ready 10 minutes.... tension rises,... last moment u notice that your rival put intermediate tires at there rally car instead of slicks what they told you,.... quickly u order your team to fit the intermediates ( or perhaps full wets)

You are in the car,... put your 6 point seat belt harness on,... your co-driver is ready,.. 
Your mechanic slams the door,.. its closed,.. infront of you one mechanic jacks the car up,... the special rally jacks are removed,... they lower the car,.. one Mechanic guide you back from your service area, with one hand movement,they slam at the car and shout Goodluck! Remember it! Stay focused! 

You shift to first gear,... drives to the end of the service area,.... the co-drier says,.. wait 1 more minute before we are aloud to enter the time control area,.. you noticed your rival is behind you,.. 
Its our time, your co-driver guide you to the first controle post, u get the time card and the first time,... u follow the road book what the co-driver read,.. up over the start ramp... u hear the speakers shouting,... your team name, the co-driver and drivers name... , u do see alot of spectators, u let the engine roar! game on!
You get your time and drive to the first Special stage,.... 3 km left before the first time controle at the Special stage 1,... u look at your codriver , and he nod,...  you steer from left to right very  overdone,.. when you are straight you pull op the engine and immediately brake very hard,... u do that a couple of times,... u noticed,... brakes are hot tires are getting grip, the car is ready to rock!

You are at the time controle,... 3 more minutes before we have to check in, quickly u open the rear door from the car, u put your H.A.N.S system and your Helmet out of it, u and your co-driver put them on,...
U close the car,.. strap your self in to the 6 point harness , plug in at the intercom system,.. your co-drivers tells you to check in at the time controle,... u drive slowly forwards,... 3 cars a head of you,... 3 more minutes before you release all the power...

U put your racing gloves on ,.. 2 more cars in front of you,... your co-driver put the road book away and change them for the pacenotes,.... 1 more car infront of you,... 1 minute before the start...
You are getting ready final final check,... the codrivers says softly the first pace notes,.. 300 m into Left 3 sec ( means dont cut),.... u hear the engine roar, smells the burning rubber from the car infront of you as they are ready to launch into the stages,....
the Marshal waves at you,... you drive to the start line,....  60 secounds before we launch ,...
u give a hand shake to your co-driver,.. and tell him goodluck! 45 seconds,....
Marshal makes a hand signal,.. 30 second,... your co-driver is counting in his head,... he reset the tripmaster to 0
15 seconds hand sginal from the marshal,.. First gear,... clutch in ,... u rev up to 6000 rpm,.. handbrake tight,..... 10 seconds count down from the hand of the marshal, your codriver starts counting 10,9,.. 8,..
U keep the rev steady,..... 3,2.1...... u drop the clutch release the handbreak,.. 180 horsepower strong rally monster realse from the start line,,.... your codriver calling the notices  and meters from his tripmaster,... 2nd gear,... 3rd gear,.... 100m Left 3 SEC! shout the codriver  u brake hard!, release the brake, steer in the right position go on the throttle  steer into the corner and try to keep the car on the track! u noticed that the rear comes a little bit, u quickly touch the handbrake and the car correct it self, and you are with your head in to the nexst corner,... and the pace notes keep coming,... you are fighting to win every second....

Until so far the first part of what i love about rallying.....
Even more beautiful is when u got really bad damage and your service team and maybe your rivals help you to keep you into the rally,... i can write a book about all this stuff.....

But i just dont have all the time,..... i will continue later perhaps ;-)

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I've never done any actual rally racing, but have made many code runs down dark, winding back roads I didn't know at all, on all kinds of surfaces, in all kinds of weather, in patrol cars and SUVs.

That feeling of not knowing exactly what's coming up, but still having to keep the car under control for it, is something you just don't get on a track.
The unknowns provide a much bigger adrenaline rush than taking the same series of corners you took a couple minutes ago...AGAIN.
One small chunk of missing asphalt can completely unsettle your car, in the middle of a blind corner.
That's not to mention having some idiot think it's funny to put a cinder block in the middle of the road, having an unreported tree down across the road, or having a deer jump out in front of you.

Those are all things you can't really PLAN for.
You just have to be READY for them, when they appear suddenly, and trust that your skills will get you through.
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more of a gamer perspective i think for me

- not running in circles
- rushing with high speed through uneven terrains
- group b
- beautiful environments, you guys put so much effort in ( there is currently nothing that can compare to it )

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-The sound of jittering engines.
-The speed over various terrains bumps and through corners, will you make it through alive and without damage? Or will you end up in a crippled can? Basically it is more thrilling than any other motorsport.
-Terrain diversity, ice snow gravel tarmac, you name it.
-Cars, from old models till new models, as long as it has a gasoline engine that purs.

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What do you love about rally from the mechanic part?
Well I guess this small movie from 10 minutes will describe everything,

I think this is from the 1984 World championship in the Safari Rally.
They had a problem with the gearbox,. and the Rothmans rally team change the gearbox on the Streets in the 15 minute service time,... its amazing!

The team work, everything,... that makes the sport so fantastic. 
Enjoy! :D


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