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The rpm lights are too quick on 2019 cars

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@Faya @issueskid @RedDevilKT

There has been much complaints about the gearing and sound of the 2019 cars.

I believe it can be sorted by letting the BLUE rpm lights rev up longer. Right now the red rpm lights increase with revs one after the other but when it hits the blue rpm light region they all come on instantly at the same time. Yes the rpm is reaching towards max at that point for the gear, but if you keep it in that blue region for a second longer you can HEAR the engine audibly change into the correct higher revs that they actually should be. 

The rpm in the blue light region needs slightly longer/more build up so the lights come on in sequence by taking a bit longer and you would solve this issue and the audio rpm complaints. This could probably be achieved by modifying rpm light threshold of the 2019 cars and multiplayer car.

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Posted (edited)

Maybe so, but the issue is with the in game gearing and rpm sound as discussed in another thread. You can audibly tell the difference in max revs for each gear in the real life cars but in game it sounds around 500 rpm short in each gear at least 

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