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Q&A Thread - Part 2


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Totally blown away for your enthusiasm for all things Autosport, but as of now it's getting incredibly hard to follow the conversation as every thread is descending into a series of questions (with a lot of duplication), end result is that I'm unfortunately going to have to miss some of them. Can we please use this thread for all questions and when one gets answered I'll add it to this post so everyone can see them. Fire away!

The Questions

Q) Why no next-gen?
A)  It's all a matter of timing, really. We exited GRID2 with this vast amount of fan feedback about what people wanted, and we also had the engine and the team around the game. We felt we could make a game for summer '14 that addressed that feedback if we used our existing technology, which is built for 360, PS3 and PC.

Our next-gen EGO engine is underway, and future titles will absolutely support PS4 and Xbox One. However, we don’t have thousands of developers across multiple development houses around the world, so there was no way we could take our existing engine and port it, in a year. If we had taken this approach, all we'd be doing is taking technology designed for the previous generation and porting it to next-generation consoles – it wouldn't be optimal, and it wouldn't be a 'proper' next-gen game, taking advantage of the features and the technology that next-generation consoles offer. In addition, we'd be doing this at the expense of building our actual next-generation technology, whilst our talented programmers were tied down with a port. When we do make a next-generation game, we want it to be exactly that, not a ported current-gen game. James Nicholls, Chief Game Designer

Q) Can you explain a bit how the 5 disciplines are presented within the game, percentage wise?  Is the main focus on the Touring discipline? Are we talking about 25 % or 40 % of the content? Or are all the disciplines equally divided?
A) All disciplines are equally divided. So, Career mode is broken down into five sections (one for each discipline). You can choose which discipline you want to race in and the more you progress through it, the more becomes available. For example, if you take Touring Cars. You'll start off racing with entry level cars and by the end of the career you'll be racing in the more powerful Touring Car Spec Cars.

Q) Is there a photo mode during replays
A) No

Q) If the physics & handling model in Autosport was like a brake bias where sim was the front, and arcade was the rear; what would the percentage setting be?
A) Probably around 60:40, hard to put it into numbers really.

Q) Will the lobby host be able to restrict certain assists? For example, allow traction control but disable ABS? This would be really good for leagues especially.
A) The lobby host has a toggle to turn assists on or off on a global setting but not individual ones. 

Q) I wanted to know if we are going to unlock cars (like in Grid 2) or we will have to buy them. I think it's better to buy them.
A) Single player you are given specific cars to race in. What car you use is dependent on the team in question. You’ll buy them in multiplayer, and they’ll be persistent. More on that soon!

Q) Will the teammate always have the same car as the player or will we be able to choose which car he'll be driving before each race?
A) Your teammate’s car will also be chosen by the team, it’s normally the same much like it is in real world motorsport.

Q) Will there be a quick race mode? What customisable options are there?
A) Yes, you can jump into what we call Custom Cup, that allows you to race with a vast amount of options, choose the discipline, track, car, AI, practice, qualifying, race length, difficulty settings, pretty much anything you’d need.

Q) How cars unlock work in single player Quick Race? Are you given all out the cars in Quick Race from the get go or you have to unlock one by one from the career?
A) Everything is available in custom cup, it’s not tied to your career progress like GRID 2.

Q) What sort of AI improvements can we expect? Are they gonna behave more like Grid 1 where they occasionally make mistakes which gave the AI some character and realism? 
A) AI have been tuned to each discipline, so a Touring Car AI driver will race completely different to an Open Wheel driver, one a bit aggressive the other really disciplined and precise. Yes, AI can make mistakes, I’ve been in a race, making my way through the pack when I’ve suddenly had to swerve out of the way of an accident up ahead. Likewise I’ve come around a corner only to find a car sat in the gravel kicking up dust where he/she has spun off.

Q) Can you choose a name when you play in game or does it choose your PSN/360 nickname?
A) Yes, Audio names are back as well, both male and female.

Q) Is qualifying back? It's missing from most of the current-gen racing titles, so it would be nice to have this feature come back.
A) Yes, as well as practice

Q) Career mode is said it would be massive, how massive in hours?
A) Hard to put it into hours as everyone’s play style will be different, more than enough content to keep you going.

Q) Is there a kind of Tutorial/Introduction when you fire up the game for the first time?
A) Yes, in a similar fashion to our other games

Q) Does this mean you’re thrown straight into a short race before having the opportunity to tweak gfx, wheel settings etc?
A) No, you’ll have access to the options before you click on career (which is where the tutorial is located).

Q) Can you finish a career in GAS without changing a team?
A) Different teams only compete in certain disciplines you you’re likely going to have change at some point. It all depends on your definition of ‘complete’, whether that’s finishing the disciplines your interested in or everything all together. 

Q) When you are often in the rev limiter does it damage your engine?
A) Over-revving and shifting at the wrong time, (primarily in manual gears), will cause the gearbox to accrue damage more quickly.

Q) Are we able to race on race tracks with street cars? Like racing on Sepang in a M3?
A) Yes, via Custom cups :)

Q) Can replays be saved?
A) Not at this time.

Q) Is the AI as good as it was in TOCA2 and Toca World Touring Cars
A) AI has had a lot of improvements made to it, will leave you to decide if it’s better or not.

Q) Is the classical D-pad layout still available and does it match the thumb stick lap times? 
A) By default the d-pad is used to talk to your team engineer. The game hasn't really been made with D-pad controls in mind, just controller sticks and wheels. However, you can customise your controls should you wish.

Q) Do AI opponents also suffer from mechanical damage?
A) Yes

Q) Is there a podium sequence when one has made a podium finish?
There is a simple podium sequence at the end of the season, showing the top three drivers /cars

Q) Are there bonuses to be unlocked if you reach a certain mileage within a discipline?
A) You do get a ‘discipline level’, more on that soon.

Q) Is there a team manager who keeps you up to date with what's happening on the track?
A) You have an engineer but he doesn't really say much on his own. Instead we've allowed you to take control by giving you the ability to request details via the D-pad. 
He gives you essential information and updates on the race conditions once per lap. You can then request information on how you’re tracking against your rival,  the condition of your car, your team mate status and the gaps to other drivers via the radio

Q) Can cars loose oil which makes a surface slippery
A) No

Q) Why did Codies not add a flag system to GRID AS
A) There’s a danger if we go down the route of adding all these traditional sim options that the game will lose a bit of its identity. That’s not to say we won’t look at that kind of system in the future but right now it’s probably a step too far towards sim for Autosport, we’re all about that ‘middle ground’

Q) How does qualifying work? one flying lap or several laps?
A) You have 3 laps to set your fastest time and you start with a rolling start.

Q) All cars / all tracks on Custom Online?
A) Yes, with a few exceptions (can’t drive a drift car on a non drift route etc)

Q) Is GRID Autosport going to allow modders to add tracks, not originally in the game?
A) Unfortunately not, there's a potential monstrous issue here as all circuits have to be officially licensed to be included in the game. Supporting the Modding Community is something we're keen on doing though and have had numerous discussions regarding it. We don't want to get into a situation where the Community makes a great track, faithful to its real world variant and us have to remove it from Steam Workshop (or similar) due to getting an angry phone call.

Q) Is it true that all endurance races happen during nights only?
A) Yes, but you can however select an Endurance event during the day within custom cup.

Q) Can you confirm if there's a lap countdown in the online lobbies, for players in the 'waiting room'.?
A) No lap countdown right now. We do have all the event info, route map, discipline, total laps.
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MajorKim said:


Are we getting track overviews for the different track layouts this time !?

By overviews do you mean route maps? If so, then yes.


It's not supported currently. I need to check what our stance is with modders for Autosport but should imagine it'll be more of the same as per GRID 2.
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I asked this question before but never got a response. Is demo derby included in career mode, and if so, what discipline is it listed under?

Also, not really a question, but I wanted to say that I love the fact that qualifying is included. Grids 1 and 2 were great but one of my biggest frustrations was getting a back-of-the-pack start from random draw, so now it's nice to know that if I'm starting in the back it means I deserve it. :)
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@Loore‌ will the new Indycar road course at Indianapolis be in the game? Also will any of the street tracks have splits down the middle again? Where you can either choose the left or right lane? I found this personally to be one of the keys to getting wrecked by people who were unaware of what was happening in the other lane when they get to the corner.
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Will we be able to do time trials or at least free practice on EVERY TRACK?

Will there be any kind of "any car + any track" option in any of the game modes?

I heard LiveRoutes isn't in the game. I would pay $5 to get it as DLC. Will it be made available as DLC?

On PC will it be possible for modders to add proper cockpits?

Other less important questions:

Will the lobby host be able to turn off the mini-map?

Will the lobby host be able to force cockpit view?

Will we be able to adjust controller settings AND TEST CONTROLLER SETTINGS ON TRACK BEFORE having to do the first race of the tutorial/career?
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Will you be able to track the history of your career? Like what championships you've driven, teams you've driven for, past championship results, etc. I always thought this was something missing from the F1 games. You can't see how you did or who you drove for in previous seasons.

@Loore @Britpoint @justbiglee
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Question about car upgrade/tuning in Grid Autosport:

In Grid 2 multiplayer, there was the possibility of tier upgrading a car to the next tier. I personally felt that no car which was tier upgraded was ever wothwhile in terms of performance compared to untuned responding tier cars. I feel this made the feature rather obsolete and did not encourage the players to experiment with it.

(Ex. Tier 2 upgraded to Tier 3 BMW M3 vs Tier 3 Aston Martin Vanquish)

My question is, will something similar be implemented in Grid Autosport to allow one to use a certain car in more than one class? If yes, I hope more leeway is given to the upgrades so one can actually experiment with the different cars in order to find that perfect feel/setup...
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@Loore - more info on the tuning and upgrading in multiplayer would be good - one of the frustrations in Grid 2 was the potential (and frequent!) imbalance between cars in the same race (albeit that was at tier level rather than the GAS discipline split).

Q1: How much difference to performance (rough percentage) in multi-player will upgrading / tuning a car make, compared to the stock or loan model?

Q2: Is there a "free drive" track in multiplayer where you can test your tuned/upgraded car?

Q3: Paying for repairs from damaged was mentioned - is that applicable to owned and loaned cars or just owned?  (or can we take out 3rd party CDW?!!)

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Q: If racing for teams in single player, how exactly will I be able to get my own car and make a livery for it?

Q: If you enter in a online race for example touring, beforehand your single player XP will be shown as of which level you have reached for the discipline or does it online show your online XP? Was not complete clear to me after reading multiplayer blog.

Q: Where will the total XP be shown?

Q: Prizemoney gained online can be used to repair, upgrade and maintain cars offline?

Q: When do we race ?
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have you guys ever considered adding motorcycles to Grid or creating a stand alone motorcycle game?  It doesn't have to be a licensed title, just need a decent bike game for the gamers who have been suffering far to long without one.   The last decent one was Tourist Trophy on the PS2 and that was way back in 2006
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Q) Will the lobby host be able to force cockpit view?
A) Yes

Q) Will we be able to adjust controller settings and test controller settings on track before having to do the first race of the tutorial/career?
A) Yes, you can access the full game options before hitting the track for the first time.

Q) Can we await some live streams like before grid 2 release?
A) We’re hoping to do some yes.

Q) Will you be able to track the history of your career?
A) RaceNet will track a whole variety of stats, more on that soon!

Q) Will something similar be implemented in Grid Autosport to allow one to use a certain car in more than one class
A) No current plans for this, cars are locked to a class.

Q) Will there be a DLC program for GRID AS?
A) Yes, more on this soon (don’t worry).

Q) Will every discipline have particular cup races as well? Touring has the mini's.
A) Cup races feature across all disciplines.

Q) If racing for teams in single player, how exactly will I be able to get my own car and make a livery for it?
A) In single player your car is provided for you, the livery is based off the team you’re racing for. Think of it like joining a real world team, they have the car and livery all sat and waiting.

Q) Prize money gained online can be used to repair, upgrade and maintain cars offline?
A) No, online and offline are two separate entities.

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