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AI patch 1.05 wet weather pace...

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6 hours ago, HDR10 said:

After the last few posts, it's apparent that most of you are referring to your experience in career mode. This all makes sense now. You've got no problem in the rain because you're in a mid tier team racing against other mid tier teams who also sucks in the rain. I'm in championship mode in a Mercedes, racing against the top tier teams. The top tier teams are the problem. So of course if you're racing against Perez you won't have any issues. I can easily out pace Perez by 1-2 seconds per lap in the rain. I can also place well in wet TT. Racing against Mercedes, Ferrari, and Red Bull, is another story. The AI in these cars put down faster lap times than the best players on the planet do in wet TT.

I finished 5th at China in the rain, which isn't a disaster, but the top cars were absurdly fast.

Ok now that is reasonable. I was referring to my career with Alfa, but as I said I also tried few races with Red Bull and Mercedes (now I remember Austria, China and something else) and I did ok, only won one time. I guess there are some circuits where the AI are better in the rain, but I still haven't found any of them (for now), let's see

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