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game crashing.

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once again this game keep on crashing......


ok we can live by it but WHY DOESNT codemasters make a idiot button to rejoin the lobby? now it keeps giving another lobby and we cannot join back the same lobby because the invite or join button on friend mode is gone...


i suggest....


codies make a button  to go back into the lobby that u got crashed out because of a game that is buggy af.


codies take the feature back so we can join our friends again .. its like we find our friends anyway because there is max 2 /3 lobby's going on at an evening...


FIX THIS **** 





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YES!!! Getting tired of this. For me it usually happens when transitioning from the One Shot Qualifier to the pre-race lobby, or from the end of the race back to the regular lobby.

People are starting to do league races, would be nice not to encounter this at all.

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