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Better stats for how I'm doing vs racers at my level

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I'm really loving Dirt atm and slowly getting better. Seems like I consistently place around low-mid tier 2 in the events so still a rookie. The problem though is that all the stats and times throughout the game are relative to the best/leading driver so constantly seeing "+30s" is getting a bit old. 

It would be nice to have more stats that are relative to where are sit on the board. Few ideas below:

-Option to change in-race segment times to be relative to the person just ahead of me on the leaderboard.

-If only a one stage race, perhaps option to set segment times to a percentage position on the leaderboard. ie 'top 20 %' time

-When seeing leader board position at the end of a race or event, show my position as a top percentage, rather than just a position number. It can be hard to judge if I'm going up or down the board in a multi stage event as more people enter the position numbers change.

- up and down green/red arrows similar to F1 final positions vs starting grid.

-With all the above, a way to add a players ghost at a certain % level to a stage or event would be nice too so I have someone to race. Aka Rivals from Forza etc.

And this is obviously out of scope for this entry of Dirt, but would be great to add a leaguing system similar to F12019 (or even rocket league lol) so there is a better sense of progression and something to fight for, rather than purely setting your best times per track.

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