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Navigator builder or better corrector

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Hi guys

u know that a great problem for many people of dirt 2.0 community is the navigator pace note . Somenthing are totally wrong and other could be better.

i know very well in whic way was build a navigator in a game because I had create in past my own using tgd a navigator builder software.

i know the vocal tag that was be join to visual indication .

my idea could be a possibility to correct the wrong tag ! Somenthing like after stop in game after the wrong pace note in option menu a voice called ‘ nav builder’ that open a window report three line of pace note

the past the next and the next after .

working to visual indication , turn left or right and number u can modify and correct only insert the correct visual indication .


for example a 3 , turn right ( wrong)

i select a visual turn right left and I can overwrite the mistake pacenotes and save it .


i m a pc user but could be great if this solution could be insert for all platform and placed in next release




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Good idea! thanks!
Could you add "Caution" ?
There is a left turn in one of the US stage, and there outside 3 pcs huge rocks located which can hit by your car easily

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