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Unrealistic (way too much) AI mechanical failures


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So im playing now the Championship mode as Ferrari's Charles Leclerc aiming to win the WDC & WCC, and there is one big issue which makes it really not realistic at all..  (Short quali + 50% races.)

My main rivals; Verstappen and the Mercedes' have so much technical failures it's unbelievable. (My teammate Vettel had zero.)

Because of this i'm leading the championship easily by like 40 pts. If Hamilton didn't retire 3!! times then he should be the WDC leader as of right now. All 3 times he lead the race quite comfortably and stopped at the side of the track with mechanical problems, just like the others. (I've checked the replay and the race director menu too.) Picture below.

So i'm finished the race at Austria and so far from the "big" guys i've seen 6 retirements. None of the big cars fail this often. I've seen more mech failures in the first 9 races than the real life teams in the past 3 seasons. Any way to reduce the mech failure rate, or fix it? Something?

My main cocern is that someone commented in another forum and said that these "way too often" happening mech failures will only happen to your MAIN RIVALS. Maybe thats why i'm seeing these drivers retire so often, because they are my main rivals?! 

I've also seen like 3-4 midfield driver mech failures but thats less common





PS: Sorry for not perfect english.

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So done 1 more race and Vettel retired..

10 races / 7 mech failures at the big teams..




If Hamilton didn't retire 3 times from the lead he should be leading the championship by at least 40 pts. 

Now im leading it by 35....




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Nothing is logical in the game, rarely car safety, a lot of mechanical breakage, the biggest problem is the season 2, see Renault, and Wiliams in TOP 1 performance car, worse still the molage of the tire remains brilliant up to 10 rounds ...

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