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Has anyone discovered what factors influence the driver transfers?

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I haven't had the chance to play very much these days, but the wonky driver transfers have made me wonder what values go into determining if a transfer should happen, which drivers should switch around in this kind of transfer and so on. Has anyone looked into the game files and discovered anything in that regard? Modding these values could go a long way towards fixing the current major problems with the system.

Someone else mentioned that they rolled their save back by two races and crashed into the drivers who made a transfer, and it made a pretty significant difference, which seems to indicate that driver performance (even when you're taken out by someone else) is a major factor, but to what extent? And what else is being considered?

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it's probably based on the target objective. Every team has target objectives. Fail them and get sacked.

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I finished my first season over the weekend and did a little trial. I didn't find out what triggered a driver to be transfered (I'm fairly sure performance has at least something to do with it). Backed up my save game on multiple USB's and found the following:

- Transfers are (basically) fixed once you go to the last event before a contract negotiation. When I was in the main screen for Abu Dhabi, and simmed the entire event multiple times; transfers would always be the same, with one exception

-Exception: if you make a transfer for your driver this may effect the other transfers slightly. But the essence of those transfers remains the same.

Example: in my career season 1 the midseason transfer was Perez to Renault, Ricciardo out, Giovinazzi to Racing Point.

If I didn't transfer myself then end of season transfer was ALWAYS like this (I tried about 5 times)

Ricciardo back to Renault for Hulkenberg

Hulkenberg to McLaren - Norris out 

That's it. It's all I got. Quite happy with it.

If I transfer my driver to Renault as number one driver, I got matched up with Ricciardo and Perez would take my seat at Alfa, Hulkenberg in - Norris out at McLaren

If I transfer to Renault as number two driver, I got matched up with Perez and Ricciardo would take my seat at Alfa. McLaren transfer wouldn't change from before (Hulkenberg in - Norris out)

If I transfer to McLaren, as either number one or two driver, I got matched up with Hulkenberg, Ricciardo would take my seat at Alfa BUT Norris would take the 2nd Renault seat and Sainz would be out. This is what I ended up doing and I'm now at McLaren for season 2.

If I transfer to any other team the driver I replace would take my Alfa seat and other transfers would be the same as above.

It's worth noting that Norris and Sainz were very close in performance in my career with only a point between them. I don't know why the game chose to drop one over the other but it didn't seem to matter who finished higher...

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