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Discrepancy between save files. [Please, eliminate this issue... make local or cloud save a master]

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After the rocky launch and some months after DR2.0 release I went to focus on community events and forgot about the career mode for a while. Last few weeks I've been firing up DR2.0 more and more, especially because club events I am doing with some folks in Steam, I've then, decided to resume investing in the career mode.

Professional difficulty and having a close battle between 3 AI cars while in 2nd jumping about the positions, Subaru 2007, car handling like a dream with a setup I made for myself.

A single rocky "retry connection button event" after 20 stages and all good again after... then the predictable happens. I tried to resume the close quarters combat at the championship with the 2000CC marvels and then "DETECTED DISCREPANCY BETWEEN SAVE FILES WITH THE CLOUD" or some s$#t like that...

For what purpose, in any imaginable scenario, does a discrepancy between the cloud saves and the local saves can in any shape delete completely a great ran ongoing championship?
If it is to stop cheating, why career mode cheating matters to all anyways? Why your local files, which are 100% reliable or close to it, are not allowed to overwrite the cloud saves... or the cloud saves, even if incomplete, can't overwrite the local saves even if that means you can lose a handful of stages only.

There are better design solutions to this.... Make one of the saves a master and let people race. Losing a whole championship is unreal.

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