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DiRT Rally Championship Round 2 - Safari Rally


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Welcome to round two of the DiRT Rally Championship.

This week we are heading to Kenya and you have until Midnight on Tuesday 13th to submit your times - all stages must be ran from the Single Player > Time Trail menu and you can use any car within the set class.

The running order is as follows:

Stage 1:

Stage 2:
Taveta Descent

Stage 3:
Leopard Rock

To submit your times simply post up the following info:

Stage 1 Time:
Stage 2 Time:
Stage 3 Time:

Then include evidence of your time for each stage, this can be in form of a photo or video.

To add a photo simply take a screenshot (F12 on Steam) of the final time screen (as seen below) via your PC or with your camera phone and upload it to somewhere on the internet (I would recommend imgur). Or you can tweet it to @dirtgame then just drop a link to the tweet with your results.

You can only post your results up once.
You can not use mods or hacks.
You can not edit your post or update your times (doing so will result in disqualification). So only submit once you are happy with them.
You must provide evidence in either video or photographic form.
You must load up events from the Time Trial menu only.
You must submit your times by Midnight (UK time) on the 13th May.

Final Standings

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cromie89 said:
Good luck everyone. @justbiglee, i think Vic54321 mean a leaderboard for each round when its finished so we can all see how we placed lol. Any word on the Live stream nights?
Ohhh yeah there will be a leaderboard at the end (sorry) as for the livestreams I give you my word we'll do one next Wednesday and I'm really sorry I let you down this week guys.
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Name: Avenga76
Team: RPM Racing

Stage 1: 2:39.753
Stage 2: 2:23.924
Stage 3: 3:03.743

Here is my video. I had a total blast doing the Trailblazer, I love power sliding the Toyota Tacoma around.

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