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DiRT Rally Championship Round 2 - Safari Rally

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Mwatate : 2:34.471
Taveta :    2:16.738
Leopard:  2:59.228

*all times are no shortcuts other than hugging corners.




This was a lot of fun this week. Don't enjoy these older cars as much as the newer classes, much harder to handle IMHO but then if it was easy everyone would do it. Give me 4WD, a good suspension and a nice bit of horsepower and I'm happy. :-)
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I could've easily knocked off a second from each time (if I didn't knock the walls) but I'm done with Kenya for another 3 months. LETS GO MICHIGAN OPEN CLASS

I'm so proud I beat Yar72 though :D

Team: Grakien
Stage 1 Time: 2: 34.803
Stage 2 Time: 2:17.686
Stage 3 Time: 3:05.289

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I'm going to post both times of North3rnstar and me (Vorrtz).

Name: North3rnstar

Team: STP

Stage 1: 2:32:433

Stage 2: 2:14:479

Stage 3: 2:59:812

Name: Vorrtz

Team: STP

Stage 1: 2:30:619

Stage 2: 2:13:142

Stage 3: 2:56:780

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I feel I could've done beter (especially in Trailblazer) but I couldn't put a 100% clean stage in.

Team: Team VonBlastic

Stage 1: 2:34.910
Stage 2: 2:15.555
Stage 3: 3:03.668

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Stage 1: 2:33.281
Stage 2: 2:16.301
Stage 3: 3:00.923


My god Stuntmaster Mike, you are a machine.
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Name: steve-b-2k7 Team : PinItToWinIt Stage 1: 2:38:476 Check out @StevenDH08's Tweet: https://twitter.com/StevenDH08/status/466346929128243201 Stage 2: 2:21:562 Check out @StevenDH08's Tweet: https://twitter.com/StevenDH08/status/466347026691948544 Stage 3: 3:05:382 Check out @StevenDH08's Tweet: https://twitter.com/StevenDH08/status/466347100520079362 Those f'ing cattle grids on the trailblazer!
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Hello ,

I am a german dirt-driver. on thuesday 13.05.2014. 20min before cutt off time in the night i send my pics and times via twitter to the @dirtgame page. Can someone help me - because i dont know - I m in the competition or not ?

i am so sad because my times are really good.

Team Front Pfälzer

Name mike

Stage 1  2.31.425  twitpic.com/e3smys

Stage 2  2.13.843  twitpic.com/e3smls

Stage 3  2.57.257  twitpic.com/e3sna8


can someone help me ?

Regrads from germany and sorry my bad english


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hey mate,

We have already had 1st round, time for sending times for this round was (officially) over yesterday midnight UK time. However, Big Lee allowed one guy called Darhour to take part in this competition despite not being in first round. So I guess you can join us.

Just ask justbiglee via PM, he's the boss out there.

If he agrees you better register your team there: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/224/dirt-rally-championship#latest

I don't know about Round 1 that you ommited - how it's going to be treated (any time penalties or whatever).

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Hey Vorrtz

I heard about the competition just a few days i hope i can join.

No i was not in the forrest comp. i will ask the big boss thx for help !

PS : you cost me a lot of time  - when you look at the 3stages 1 place behind you in the best-list there i am.

Respect - good driving !!!

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Sorry i'm a bit late please take my times into account realy sorry  :-S

Name; Spartanforever1
Team name:Stratos Racing

Stage1: 2:51.377
Stage2: 2:30.824
Stage3; 3.28.199


Realy sorry i had school and stuff and didnt have time to upload till today, i have been loving this event since the bigening and hope you guys at codies do the same next year.
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