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High Memory speeds causes my game to crash

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my specs: R7 1700 - 1060 3gb - 16gb ram -


I cant play for more then 10 - 15 minutes on dx11 or dx12 with my memory set to 3200 mhz if i disable XMP my memory will be set to 2133mhz and the game runs perfectly, doesnt crash at all.


this doesnt happen on any other game. @Faya im no expert but this seems like it might be why people are reporting so many crashes. 



I tested my memory at 3200mhz with the windows diagnostic tool and it couldnt find any problems with my memory.

I hope this is the problem and that it can be fixed, i'd really prefer to not have to go into my bios and lower my memory speed everytime i want to play this game..



edit: also the 8gb recommended memory on steam is really bad, at 8gb i had so much stuttering, at 16gb I dont get any stuttering

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