Suggestion for strictly 1v1 ranked lobby (5 laps) with an opponent at similar rank. While the idea of ranked multiplayer in F12019 is fine, in practice it's not a great experience for me. Reasons below: -Unsure why (I'm based in New Zealand?) It can be hard to find a decent sized lobby with people who stick around. -If I do get a decent sized lobby, it is a complete mix of skill levels, including grievers. -Due to grievers, it's hit and miss wanting to continue after lap 1 / turn 1 if I've been smashed off the road. (that being said, I have had some races with cars flying over me and me weaving in and around wreckages like it's something out of Mad Max, which did actually make me laugh. Kinda fun!)   So. What if we had a 1v1 ranked multiplayer mode: -Some of my most enjoyable races have been where there was only 1 other person in the lobby at a similar level. -Perhaps clearer and fairer sense of progression up the ranks instead of winning because everybody else was smashed at the start. -More likely to quickly find a game. -Can be an independent ranking from normal full-grid rank. -TBF most real life battles in actual F1 tend to be between 2 cars across multiple laps. So it might almost feel more legit?   Just a thought!