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F12019 - Please added guided setup as I dont want to be a mechanic!

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One thing I think should be added to the F1 series is an option for a guided setup like they have in MotoGP19. This is where you basically say, My car is oversteering in corners then the mechanic will automatically adjust the relevant settings for you. The problem with F1 2019 is that not everyone knows or has the time to go through each setting. I Think this will allow people to become better drivers and not waste time trying to be a mechanic or engineer!



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I know this is a pretty old post but just wanted to agree with you. I knew how to tune as I spent more hours than I’ll admit on Forza teaching myself how the settings effect the cars and have an intermediate understanding of how to tune a car but obviously every racing game is a little different with different physics and sometimes I just wanna somewhat casual night of racing and not splitting hairs changing each and every setting all night trying to see what’s making my car misbehave or whatever the case may be that night. Kinda wish there was a middle ground  between what you suggested and what we have where the game will give you a little test scenario and from that you’ll be able to quickly pin point any correction that the car needs. My dream feature in a racing sim tho would be the game studying your driving technique and tendencies(good and the bad) and steadily coaching you how to improve and get faster. I’m a solid racer but I definitely have developed some bad habit that are now hardwired into my brain and just seem like it’d be cool to see what you excel at and where you can improve. Idk maybe I’m the only one since I’ve never heard of anything close or maybe it’s just not possible to do yet. The makers of the autoblow trained an ai how to give blow jobs so there’s hope at least lmao. I read that somewhere I don’t have first hand experience or anything 

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Posted (edited)

What change the oversteer & understeer is the alignment->camber/toe setting in a nutshell. Different contact patch during suspension compression. The more contact patch you get, the more traction. If either the front or the back has superior traction, it will lead to understeer or oversteer.

The general rule for the spring/damper is to have a predictable behavior using the weight of the car vs the ground, because if the car vibrate too long, there's less vertical load. While car is vibrating, it reduce grip during that space time. You just need to respect the ratio of rate based on weight distribution to get an even natural frequency for the front & back.

What's confusing is as soon as you change the rate & damper, it also change how far the spring compress. When the spring is fully compressed the toe/camber value change. Neutral vs compressed will read different camber & toe value due to the suspension geometry design. That's why it's better to adjust the alignment, because very often the spring/damper is within spec(balanced, thus less vibration).

Example... you have an econobox fully stock & you turn hard.... The car will roll a bit & just understeer.

Now you put some slick on the econobox. You turn hard... what will happen? Well it will roll a lot more, it has more grip now. The suspension geometry has a limit under compression, you get less contact patch while cornering hard, thus you ain't using the whole power of the super grippy tire. The fix.., you stiffer spring, so it roll close to stock. Grat you get more contact patch & makes the car faster effortless...

Same with downforce. if you put more downforce, the car will grip more & it will makes the car roll more, so you need to adjust for those change. It can also change the stock ratio/weight distribution & make it out of whack, so you might consider adjusting the spring to promote stability.

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