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Just sharing my happiness

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I just wanted to share my happiness (as per title)!

I (for now) daily read this forum and almost every thread is filled with complaints of any sort.

Yesterday, for the first time I purchased a PS Plus membership and played online. I just had the best time! I played something like 6-7 25% races in a row. I was a bit afraid of these lobbies and people taking you out and everything, but I just had a blast! I was maybe lucky to find correct/fair gamers, I dunno. I was even able to win 3 races and end up on the podium in the others! Great close battles, overtakes, undercuts, and all of that!

To be honest I was taken out a couple of times, but it was more like racing incidents than people trying to ruin my race or anything like that.
Playing with other users instead of the AI only, is just sooo much better and so much more fun, that I am now scared this will ruin my social life! LOL :classic_biggrin:

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I think the people who only 25% races are less likely to purposely take people out as it is a lot of time to invest to just be a troll. Obviously there will be accidents, perhaps even due to some people being over aggressive, but 5 lap races seem to attract the worst people.

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