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G29 doesn`t work F1 2019 PC

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Hello, i have a logitech g29, it works perfectly in F1 2018, and other games. but in f1 2019 it doesn`t work.

The game don`t recognize the wheel, just appear my keyboard.

I bought the game today, can anyone help me to fix it ?


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9 hours ago, Striker_703 said:

@godfaf have you updated the firmware for the wheel?

AFAIK there is no firmware for the G29 (there is for the G920) just newer LGS.

Uninstall the LGS with Geek Uninstaller, unplug the wheel and reboot.

Install latest LGS and connect wheel when prompted, reboot. Check for proper operation in Control Panel, calibrate if necessary.

Delete hardware_settings_config.xml launch game and configure in-game control schema, remapping as necessary.

I feel this should be made a sticky, TBF.

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