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Just N Tyme


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Hi My name is Just N Tyme and I have just joined the code masters website because I am a big fan of there work especially the beat making software called music generator 2. I am from the United States of America, North Carolina to be specific. I know that your office is based out in London but I wanted to know if you were going to make another beat making software like music generator 2 again because it's so easy to use and that is the only beat making soft ware that enjoyed using. It taught me how to make a beat originally and as well how to sample. I am still using the Music Generator 2 till this day and when people hear my beatz they say the can't believe it me and that they don't believe it from a video game. I hope that you really consider remaking the music generator 2 for the play station again. I was going to address it again in the general discussion form to go into more detail. Thanks for your time  and for anyone who reads this. Have a blessed day. 

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