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Delta issue in career since patch 1.06


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Not sure if this is a known issue, but the delta in career isn't accurate since the new patch.

Haven't tested it in other modes, but in career it's impacting any part of the weekend with the delta display in view, so FP1, FP2, FP3 and qualifying.

No other why to describe the issue other than its not accurate. See screenshots for an exampleIMG_20190728_195910.thumb.jpg.3e0b19689e0dcfcb8020f239b95e110f.jpg

^^ here you can see me heading towards the line at Canada. This is just before I cross the line btw. According to that delta, my new lap time should be in the 1:13.x range. Comfortably so.


^^^ and here you can see my actual time after crossing the line. The delta says I was actually slower, but I've still set a new best lap (a 1:15.2 compared to a 1:15.9 in the top screenshot)

Any chance of a fix for 1.07. Makes it very difficult to know what my pace is round a track

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A quick bump on this.

Do the developers read the forums to see bug reports? I read that this is the bug forum but it doesn't really feel like it.

Would be nice if they at least posted so we know they're working on fixing bugs they introduced into the game while getting rid of other bugs.

In any case, the delta issue described above is preventing players from completing the race strategy programme.

I have a time of 1:16.8 to beat on Canada for a lap on this practice programme. I beat it easily, get a tick for lap 1. But at lap 2 it now shows 'invalid lap' in red, rather than the time I have to beat of 1:16.8. this happens immediately after crossing the start/finish line and isn't because I've cut a corner. 

Then, regardless of what lap time you set, you don't get the green box/tick for beating the lap time. I know because I check race director to see what my lap time is for lap 2, it's well under the 1:16.8, and yet Jeff tells me I wasn't quick enough and the delta is just stuck on 'invalid lap'.

Can we have this practice-programme breaking bug fixed ASAP? It's absolute nonsense that it made it's way into the game to begin with

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