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Rebooting of Music Generator 2

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The reason I have choose this topic in hoping code master might make another music generator for the play station is because this was the first software I used to make beats and I fell in love with it. I have tried other beat making software but this software for me is the best. Even though it has it's limitations I don't see if as video game put a music soft ware system that was ahead of it's time and the reason that I wanted to a reboot of it because it's so easy to use because the play station controller makes it easy for me to edit every sound individually in my beat without having to push extra buttons to do one simple editing job with other soft ware. The only limitations I see is that there you can't hook up the midi keyboard to the system, or add extra sounds from the internet or plug up a device to upload extra sounds. and having a mixer board in the system to mix and EQ the beat plus a mic to record a song. I know that you are probably saying they have FL studios for this but buy creating  it for the play station you can have it on your gaming system so when you are tired of playing the video games you can just exit out of it and start making beatz within the same system then down load other sounds from the internet as well then post it up on youtube right from your gaming system. I know this topic may not be in high demand but I hope you reconsider the thought once you or anybody reads this. I hoping to convince you here is a beat that I made off of music generator 2. Thanks for your time plus reading and listening to this I hope it helps and if there is anybody that feels the same way post your comments I will gladly appreciate it. My email is justntyme688@gmail.com.

Deep Love (1).mp3

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