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Problems with access using Dx 11 trying to get into Multiplayer remain. And the continuing instability of Dx 12 offline and Multiplayer. (F1 2019 PC with Windows 10)

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For Codemaster:
As I said before I did a lot of testing playing with the Dx11 and Dx 12 in the same Setup setups with the same cars on many different tracks. And I also did rain tests on various tracks. and with Dx 12 in Multiplayer the situation of braking in tight turns is horrible _ What did not happen with Dx 11.
I think there is something that is conflicting with Dx11 (especially in Multiplaher mode _ the case of "cheating" _ for users using Dx 11 trying to access Multiplayer and fail) after Patch 1.6. which brought improvements and problems with Dx 11. And the Dx 12 that is still is (also mainly in Multiplayer).
The instability with the Dx 12 is when braking in tight turns, even at Maximum Aerodynamic Pressure.
In the meantime we do not have a favorable response from Codemaster on all of these issues described here and the other emails I have sent. Not to mention that me and many other users have reported on the Steam Discussion Forum.
Please do not come up with answers from users who have not faced the issues I keep reporting.

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