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I think I messed up on the R&D upgrades

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So just completed season 1 on career mode, regulation changes came on aero and chassis modified those parts and then stuck a load of upgrades on power as I did not have to modify that section (like a fool did not save the points to upgrade as a balance for season 2).

So here is my problem doing the quali (knowing that the AI is OP) I find myself of the pace by over a second a lap but having the second best car on R&D. I have completed 64% on R&D for power but is that too much power and having adverse effects for the car and performance when I'm only 20-24% completed on aero and chassis?

Call me stupid but just wondering as I was contending for the occasional race win but averaged between 4th - 7th but now I'm struggling to get into Q2.

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