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Multiplayer: People should be penalized [Video]

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I honestly couldn't be bothered with the online lobbies unless i am racing with people i know.  It's not worth the headache, IMO.
You put all the time in to get your rating up and then something stupid happens and you are penalized for it - even though it isn't your fault - and there goes your rating you worked so hard to get.
I'll just continue to run with drivers i know 🙂

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18 minutes ago, DaleRossi said:

Videos are gone. 😕

I finally got to an A rating and hope it will improve, although it looks here like it won't.


The last ranked lobby last night had about 13 people from B to less. It was miserable and about a quarter of them were e-thugs talking nonsense constantly. 

The good news is (maybe) these azz clowns wont have the patience to work their way to better lobbies.

Video's are in a quote a little above 😂

first vid: well read this, it says enough 🥳


second vid: that's why my halo column in MP is off always, because of these *******. Guess they were dropped on their head when they were born or something

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Ok, I saw them. All you can do is block those dbags in the hopes you never get paired with them again.

It's to the point where the races should be ghosted. The benefits far outweigh the sacrifices there. In unranked with ghosted, you can get some great racing.

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