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Suggestions that make debates

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_ pilot / co-pilot mode, voice chat
_ ability to adjust the co-pilot's announcements in more details and details
_ Hill Climb mode with the ability to play with any category
_ Modify a minimum cars, rims spoiler
_ a little social, and interaction with other player a garage, test track
_ spectator mode
_ special event on registration start scheduled in single file

We feel very alone on this game
_ and finally the 306 maxi would be welcome
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i could pay €€€ for a proper livery editor and a photo mode in replays.

I could pay even more for a proper Rally History mode/challenge, like '60s events longer and without area services or 80s events where if you can't reach higher goals your car won't have the official updates (for example, Peugeot 205 t16 will not receive the Evo pack, with spoilers and everything, unless you'll gain a top 6 position in championship)

More €€€ for a proper kit car category: Ibiza, 306, Astra, Golf, Escort, Civic, Xsara, Almera etc...

Or a '90s Group N cat.

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