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Stickers/sponsors on custom helmets

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Is this possible? Even if it’s just for career mode? Like depending on the team your driving with with what you can put on your helmet I think for people who drive the T-cam and replays it would be awesome.  But I know this is a small detail. 


Im not sure if anyone plays MotoGP but 19 has some awesome customisation in it something like that would be sick.  

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There at least needs to be better helmet designs to choose from. If you look at the helmets of the actual drivers and see how intricate they are getting and then you see the choices that we are presented with year after year it's crazy how cheap and lame your career avatar looks by comparison.


There needs to be a better selection of helmets to choose from at the very least. There were cooler looking helmets in F1 2012. Hell, I'd take the large selection of non-customizable helmets that from then and add them to the game next patch if I could. At least they had some life to them.

Helmets can be more than three colours at a time


I would love to see sponsors/stickers on career helmets I think the best way to implement that is to have either a full creation suite for helmets or the ability to upload your own designs and use them in-game. Codemasters could provide sponsor templates for each team and you could add them to the helmets based on which team you drive for. Ideally they would do both(creation suite and uploadable images it isn't like they are a rarity in gaming at this point 2K have it for wrestling and basketball.) 


To be honest, there is a lot to complain about when it comes to how lifeless these games can feel that I won't go into detail about here.

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