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CodeMasters, Online Ya Care ?, or just Nah

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Forum complain about online, ranked / unranked blah blah, as seen in F1 2018 when the majority cried for 8 or 9 pages about tyre over heating ( Cough BS ) you all seen the results, another assist added,

Welcome change, dont fear it, so they'll be lobbys you cant enter, pretty much how the minority feel now,


Scrap current ranked, turned unranked into the new Ranked with the avaible features below and perks of the licence,

Add virtual wing mirror, spotter to call out where the other cars are, what ever other assits are avaible, to help new players into the game, cause after all that is what assits where designed for, not to be used by people who have been playing for X amount of years, to work out which ones give a advantage and use them all the time, WHICH IS WHAT YOUVE GOT NOW, it has to be said,
Make all assits inc visual assits which are assits, sorry to burst ya bubble ( TV Pod, Proximinty Arrows to many to list, thier really is ) avaible to be forced off by host, every host can choose excalty how they want the event to run, more lobbys, more choice, more racing, more people online, which is what Codemasters want ?,
Make the list of assits, visual aids ( Assists ) avaible to view via the lobby ( which currently I think is only event , damage, performance, ghosting etc ) ( currently a lot unranked lobbys running full damage but allow ghosting ? makes sence to some am sure ), for which assists, visual aids ( assists ) are on or off like it is in project cars, players can see excalty what restrictions are before they join, happy players, 
Which currently you cant see, people join, spin off at turn one cause they didn't realise some assit was off, quite the lobby not only waisting thier time, but also the hosts time, removing any AI and AI isnt replaced, messing up the event cause the grid has changed,
Everybody's Happy, and no one can say thier being forced to race how they dont want to, unlike some of the current requests to ban one thing or another cause it gives a advantage, lets get real, they all give a advantage to some degree you just dont want to admit it, cause the majority its just become the norm, and is now labelled as no assist racing,    
Codemasters option are needed to allow ike minded players to race togher, currently online in a public lobby depending on your preference's is not a option.

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Not a single Sim lobby with no assists, including forced cockpit, is an incredible oversight.  It's turned what should be a good racing game into Forza Open Wheel Fest 2019.

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Funny thing is, as soon as I hit S rank, I go an wreak havoc in a couple races to drop in safety rating. Because it's S rank that's filled with those elitist exploiters, i don't care a lot if i divebowl all 10 at first chicane at monza. their TC will save them anyhow from spinning. But I WANT THAT STRIKE! 😛

I'd rather have B or A, because the lobbies are more filled, there are much more NA racers (there truly are!), and fuller lobbies means more chance of faster increase of SKILL rating. Just start at the back, and evade the carnage. Gives mostly some 10 places gain. Further through the race there are always a couple of halfwits who actually spin off WITH TC on, and mostly you end up in top 5.

The other reason is that like i said, are more NA racers, when you hit S rank, you get a hard time even finding lobbies because they are filled with all these "gold skilled" cheating assist exploiters who think they are fast and good, but without their trainingwheels they're nowhere as close to any form of actual skill than someone who just started without assists and is still learning. IMO is anyone who races without ABS and TC in any way more superior in any form of skill than all those "wannabee's" who can;t tell the difference between a brakepedal and throttlepedal. They just push 2 buttons, and the rest is done. I guess they also have someone who makes their sandwiches every day and packs them nicely in their spongebob lunchbox. 

The problem is, they have gold "*kuch*SKILL??*KUCH*" and are destroying any form of fun and fair competition in the S rank lobbies.


And I have to say, in A or B, with a couple of NA racers, I had a blast last 2 days! yes there are also people who screw it up, but the actual fun is in those lobbies. You'll find 10 times more NA racers there, than in S rank, and fuller lobbies. 

S ranked lobbies are filled with elitist assist abusing exploiters. See, even they can be elitists! however I don't think beeing an elitist who needs trainingwheels to be competitive in any form and is not something to be proud of i think.


Yeah, and TC, ABS, Tcam, racingline, auto gearbox, pit assists, and so on...

And still they believe they are the best.... 

That;s why I do things to drop down ASAP from S. I don't want to race those elitists with their trainingwheels. 

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