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F1 2020 - Wishlist/ideas/hopes/suggestions for the future F1 Game(s)

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Implement actual drivers during how they are in real life races, 

Hamilton and Perez kind on the tyres etc Bottas tends to be harder on tyres. 

Verstappen and Riccardo make overtakes from very far back.

If there is a big crash see the medical car, marshalls clearing debris during safety car, track wear as race goes on kerbs and white lines, 

The way the drivers sit in the car some sit really low, and some sit high, since halo its more or less the same, but the tall drivers like Oocon sit.



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Radar that popup on screen when cars are near you, like in asseto corsa.

True dedicated servers in ranked/unranked lobby  to avoid host changes and endless waiting for someone to load.

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First of all, I love what you've done with the game in the past years. Though, as someone who plays the game mostly for the offline part of the game casually, with a cheap controller/gamepad, I have some suggestions for the future of the game.
These are things I'd like to have in the game or things that annoy me and I'd love changed/removed/have an option to remove them.


Issues :

- AI incredible grip at race starts (cannot counter that with a cheap gamepad)

- the level of AI is unoptimized in some races, even from corner to corner they can be either very slow consistently or too fast compared to actual player and adjusting AI skill level doesn't really help that (at least from my experience) (good example is canada after turn 7, AI just finds incredible grip and accelarates so much faster than I can, or the straight after last corner in japan) (another good example is mexican GP, the AI has unreal traction after the last corner coming onto the straight)

- AI is often veeeeeeeeery slow when coming for a pitstop

- when under safety car, when the message comes up "SC coming in this lap" the AI suddenly brake unrealistically hard, almost coming to a full stop, it often happens that I either hit the car in front or I have to dodge it

- when an AI car has an issue and is driving slowly, the AI behind that car are terrible at overtaking that car (usually takes them more than half a lap to finally overtake), often creating a ton of gap between say me and them, takes away from the joy, when I suddenly have 10 sec advantage because of that in 1-2 laps, also sucks being stuck behind those cars as it's pretty much free positions for me


Suggestions :
- ability to skip practices automatically to not waste time loading practices and then going to qualy manually every time in the "computer"
- bring back simulation of races mid race like there was a couple of years ago (obviously make it so that the AI has worse times than actual player)
- make it so that when you select a new tyre to fit mid game that the team does not have it actually doesn't let you do it/ notifies you that the tyre is unavailable (as it is now, if you say you want to go to wets and your team doesn't have them, they'll just give you interns and there's no way a player can know that unless looking before each racing weekend how many tyres he has)
- ability to remove weber and butler from f1 career mode as I'd rather race vs actual drivers, also all the questions about them are annoying and it just keeps going even if you've raced for 5 seasons or more
- as a matter of fact, you could give players the ability to remove interviews all together
- ability to edit each AI racers skill level, aggressiveness, tendency of crashes, etc
- ability to edit all of the AI's aggressiveness, tendency of crashes overall
- more options for race distance? i personally often felt like 5 laps are too little and 25% can sometimes be too long, but something like 15-20% can be ok while still needing to do at least 1 pitstop
- ability to change tyre wear so we could potentially be forced to do 2 pitstops in 25% race


some of these problems were in the game before F1 2019, it'd be really amazing if you managed to fix all of them and add other features/abilites to players for f1 2020.


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1 hour ago, Karppuuna said:

Full HUD in cocpit view and virtual mirror.

Virtual mirror is a thing for f1 2020!

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An 'Editor Mode' or 'Driver Rating Editor' where the players can change the ratings of the drivers (as CM did last week). With this players can edit the ratings to what they think it should be. Not that CM did a bad job, but now everybody has his opinion. 

What would also be nice, if there will be an 'Editor Mode', that players can edit the sponsors for the MyTeam mode by name and logo. And also where they can import it by USB Drive. Something like PES (Pro Evolution Soccer by Konami) have to edit the logo's, shirts and names of clubs and players. There are big community's all over the world that create Option Files for that game. After the release of that game the first option files are ready in a week or two. 

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Engine sound of the Honda can be improved. Missing the little rattle you hear when reving down after 2:02 in the video below, listen to this: 


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Another thing, the way the cars steer in the pitlane. The steering wheel seems to be slow on the car steering towards and away from the pitcrew, and also when driving out of the pitbox. See in the video below at 9:24 when driving towards the pitcrew and at 9:28 when driving away: 



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I like to get the f3 in the game so you can hire a team mate of the f3 

Only be a manager in your team so you dont drive

Make your own race track

buy a ather team in my team so you have the same as alpha tauri and red bull

every year there comes a new young driver in the driver market with a random name

that you can buy Aarava and tiametmardruk and esport racers 

a team is offering you sometimes to buy your team like a big company as coca cola

drive in the pit stop by your own

simulating qualifying

a team is going away and a new team is coming to the f1 you can do this off in the settings if you dont want it

a story line durring the whole seasone

that you can say in my team that your teamate have to stop and there is a change he reject it

new rules in the f1 during you career for example in season 3 the qualifying is before the practise or 2 races in a weekend you can do this off in the settings if you dont want it

during the practis your team makes a setup for you 

maby that you have sometimes a special day that an online race where you have a hide and seek gamemode or other

in driver carreer other teams want you

the car disines are changing sometimes for exaple renauld are getting a green collor you can do this off 

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