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League split practise/qualification and race date

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Hi everybody

So we moved from the F1 2017 to 2019 and we wanted to use the League System which sounds nice.

As we like to play the full race weekend we decided to play the practise and the qualification at one day and the race on a second day. Which worked fine in the 2017 MP. Now in the 2019 I can´t find the option to split the events into multiple days. Is there a possibility like in 2017 that when we leave after the qualification that we can continue the race in the second day? Or is this option not supported at all? (which would be a real shame)

thanks for any feedback


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We have the same Problem, a lot of my friends haven't the time to play all this in a row. thats why we try to split this event in Practise und Qualification on Monday and the race on wendnessday.

I hope some one can help us.

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