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TRL - TotalRacingLeagues - Xbox One

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About TRL

The league itself originates from the early days of F1 2010, when a group of us decided to hold a full season 12-man championship. Not only did we all enjoy participating in it, but we noticed that others wanted to get involved as well. By the end of our first season we almost had a full grid of reserve drivers all itching to race.

F1 2011 brought a new array of possibilities, with the introduction of a 16-man online grid and teammates. Custom races were becoming more and more popular and people were now looking at more organised racing rather than just 3-lap sprint races. Having already hosted a few successful leagues in the previous game, we decided to broaden out the league to new members, and to do so we needed to base ourselves on a website. League founder Metcalf and long time member Robert Harg began working on a website, and a few weeks later, we finally had a hub for our racing league.

The website itself has now been running since September 7th 2011, and is slowly turning into an established F1 racing community. Now we have moved onto a bigger and better site which provides more for the drivers ready for F1 2015 

What We Offer

We intend on doing numerous leagues throughout the year and have many features on are site. Some of the top racers from the F1 scene involving TRL and TSR have joined with us also to participate in the leagues , but all skill levels and new comers to the game are welcome and state the claim on the F1 scene. TRL are looking for as many members as possible to extend not only leagues but various divisions which can lead to promotion/relegation. There is a drivers and constructors standings also a history page recording all champions. We have an in depth tournament system for good viewing and dedicated staff to make sure things run smooth and fair. TRL want the racing to be clean , competitive and fun so if it sounds like something you will be interested in then don't hesitate to sign up and ask any questions.

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