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PSORC.com - F1 2015 League (Season 7) - STARTING 24TH JUNE!

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Hi everyone, 

If you're looking for a fun, friendly community that offers competitive yet clean racing then look no further, at PSORC (PlayStation Online Racing Championships) you can race in a very open and successful league;

All we require new racers to do is complete a screening event with a few staff members; this allows us to filter out 'unfair' and 'dirty' racers to avoid incidents and to keep the community whole. Our elite staff members provide the best care for our members along with the content that keeps our members hooked to the forum (We're always posting) 

We recently moved to a new site and server just before the new year, so our clean and sleek website is always available to our members and looks gorgeous too. 

Now onto the racing side of the league...

We race at 8pm on a Wednesday (UK time) 
50% Race Distance with 15 minute qualifying
Rules include; Safety Cars and Corner cutting only
Most assists are allowed, expect; braking assist and pit assist

Our most recent rules and regulations (for season 6 on F1 2014) can be found HERE

Our F1 2015 sign-up thread!

If  F1 2015 isn't enough, we also have a Project CARS league as well...so check that out too

If you have any questions or want more information, check our site or reply to this thread/or PM me.

PSORC Founder
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