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This game is so unfair

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So after I completed my last race of the season I decided to do all of the available Aero upgrades after I resigned with McLaren. The regulation changes for me were only in Aero but I thought it wouldn't affect my upgrades for the next season since the season had already ended. I was wrong. I ended up wasting 3.000 Resource Points. But what's unfair is the fact that both Ferrari and Red Bull brought Aero upgrades for the new season. Ferrari was fourth in the Aero and Red Bull second. Now Red Bull is miles ahead of everyone while I didn't get any upgrades. 

Note: None of my upgrades had failed. Its as if I never bought them.

Edit: The upgrades that are fitted were already fitted in the first half of the previous season. The upgrades that are available for purchase were purchased after my last race but I didn't get them.


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