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[career] Circuit Paul Ricard pitlane bug - PS4


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Another ridiculous bug.

Game mode - career.

Session - FP2


Not able to use the pitlane to enter the pits or the garage. Whenever I drive down it after completing some laps, the game chucks my car back out on track at the start of the start/finish straight. If I drive back towards the pitlane and try to enter it again, it just throws me back out.

It means I can't actually use the pitlane to enter the pits, instead having to use the start menu and 'return to garage'.

Not quite sure what's going to happen when I get to the race, because that option won't be ther


Further information - this is also affecting the AI. They're not able to enter the pits after leaving for some practice laps. They drive down the pit entry but get kicked back onto track just like I do. The difference is they don't have a start menu and a 'return to garage' option. And because they cant enter the pits, they've run out of fuel and are trundling around at minimum speed causing yellow flags in every sector. The FP2 session is a mess.

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